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Are You Troubled by Someone’s Drinking?

Twenty questions help families and friends of alcoholics identify a need for Al-Anon.



Easy-to-use handout explains the basics of detachment from alcoholism.

Has Your Life Been Affected by Someone Else’s Drinking? (S-20)

Twenty questions for young people affected by alcoholism to decide if Alateen is for them.

Did You Grow Up with a Problem Drinker?

Twenty questions for adult children of alcoholics to decide if they can benefit from Al-Anon.

Links of Service


A clear and simple depiction of Al‑Anon’s service structure. Six pages.

Fact Sheet for Professionals – English

Ideal information about the family disease of alcoholism for professionals. 

Joy of Service

Describes the growth and recovery that can occur through service. Six pages.

Al-Anon: Then and Now

A brief history of Al-Anon Family Groups, from the beginnings of A.A. to the present.

Al‑Anon’s Cofounders

The story of our cofounders is the story of the principles of Al-Anon in action.

Why Conference Approved Literature?

About Al‑Anon literature, how it is developed from members’ shared experiences, and the importance of using it exclusively at Al‑Anon/Alateen meetings. 

Information for Educators: Alateen Meetings in Schools S‑64)

Answers the questions educators ask about Alateen, for young people affected by someone else’s drinking.

Al-Anon Family Groups Welcomes Adult Children of Alcoholics (S-69)

Outreach tool for those who grew up with alcoholism. Six pages.


Having a plan in place to welcome newcomers and visitors to your group throughout the year helps newcomers and members alike.

Al‑Anon Faces

Al‑Anon Faces Alcoholism magazine is our annual public outreach magazine designed to introduce families of alcoholics to Al‑Anon and to the importance of family recovery from a relative or friend’s drinking.

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