Events Calendar

DateNational Cape AreaG&D AreaKZN Area
16 January 2023GSO Office Opens
20 January 2023G&D ASC Meeting (Zoom)
21 January 2023Cape Area AssemblyG&D Area Meeting, Workshop on 3 Obstacles in Al-Anon by Juliet M (Zoom), ASBM approval by membersKZN ASC Meeting & IAGSM Report Back
29 January 2023AAA Rally Sans Souci School, Newlands
30 January 2023SAAFGT Meeting
4 February 2023GSC Meeting
16 February 2023Barnyard Fundraiser
17 February 2023G&D ASC Meeting (Zoom)
18 February 2023Cape Area Service Meeting/P&P MeetingG&D Area Meeting, Workshop on Conflict Resolution by Madge (Zoom)KZN ASC Meeting
25 February 2023KZN Workshop
TBCCape Barnyard Fundraiser
3-4 March 2023 GSB Meeting via Zoom G&D Lois’s Birthday Breakfast
– St Francis
KZN Lois’s Birthday Celebration
11 March 2023GSC MeetingCape Area High Tea/Lois Birthday/ IAGSM fundraiser
18 March 2023Cape Area AssemblyG&D ASC Meeting (Zoom) AGMKZN ASC Meeting
April 2023Compile Dossier for Conference 2023
7-10th April 2023National Convention - Pretoria
14 April 2023G&D ASC Meeting (Zoom)
15 April 2023Cape Area Service MeetingG&D Area Meeting, Workshop on Traditions by Marlene N (Zoom)
22 April 2023KZN ASC Meeting
May 2023Distribute Dossier for Conference 2023
6 May 2023GSC Meeting
7 May 2023Al-Anon Birthday Rally
20 May 202372nd Al-Anon Birthday Rally – St FrancisCape Area Service MeetingKZN ASC Meeting
21 May 2023KZN Face to Face Rally
21/22 May 2023GSB Pre-Conference Meeting (Via Zoom)
26 May 2023G&D ASC Meeting (Zoom)
27 May 2023G&D Area Meeting
27 May 2023G&D 72nd Al-Anon’s Birthday Rally at St Francis (TBC)
TBCCape Al-Anon Birthday Rally
2-4 June 2023Conference 2023
TBCFace to Face GSB meeting
10 June 2023Cape Area Assembly
18th/19th 2023GSB Post-Conference Meeting (Via Zoom)
23 June 2023G&D ASC Meeting (Zoom)
24 June 2023G&D Area Meeting, Delegates report back –Conference (Zoom)KZN ASC Meeting, Report back from Conference
TBCCape Fun Walk & Soup Fundraiser
7 July 2023GSO Mid-Year Stock Take
8 July 2023GSC Meeting
14 July 2023G&D ASC Meeting (Zoom)
15 July 2023Cape Area AssemblyG&D Area Meeting, Workshop The Concepts of Service by Mayshree M (Zoom)KZN ASC Meeting
29 July 2023KZN Food Fair
TBCCape Fundraising Event (Dinner or Lunch)
5 August 2023GSC Meeting
15 August 2023Cape AGM & Election Assembly
18 August 2023G&D ASC Meeting (Zoom)
19 August 2023G&D Election Assembly (Zoom)KZN ASC Meeting, AGM 2023
25-27 August 2023KZN RSS Face to Face
26 August 2023G&D Alateen 66th Birthday Celebration (Zoom)
Cape Barnyard Fundraiser
9 September 2023G&D Spring Fair
16 September 2023Cape Area Assembly & RSS (1 Day event)KZN ASC Meeting
29 September 2023G&D ASC Meeting (Zoom)
30 September 2023G&D Area Meeting,
Bosberaad (Zoom)
7 October 2023GSC Meeting
20 October 2023G&D ASC Meeting (Zoom)
21 October 2023Cape Area Service MeetingG&D Area Meeting, Workshop by Nonnie K Progress not Perfection (Zoom)KZN ASC Meeting
28 October 2023G&D Al-Anon End of Year RallyKZN Long Timers Tea
TBCCape Food Fair/Potjiekos Fundraiser
TBCCape AA Mini Convention
4-5 November 2023Imbizo Meeting with full participation
17 November 2023G&D ASC Meeting
18 November 2023G&D Area Meeting,
Informal report
from Imbizo (Zoom)
KZN ASC Meeting
19 November 2023GSB MeetingKZN Barnyard GSO Fundraiser
25 November 2023Cape Area Assembly, Year-End FunctionKZN Area Workshop
2 December 2023G&D ASC Meeting.
Bosberaad Decisions
& Plans 2024
KZN Area Social
21 December 2023GSO Close
31 December 2023Cape Portfolio Coordinators – Year End Report to GSO & National Portfolio Chairpersons
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