Al-Anon Adult Children Groups – for those people who grew up in alcoholic homes

Initially, Al-Anon was founded to help spouses living with alcoholics. Al‑Anon has always been a fellowship for anyone affected by someone else’s drinking, but it took time for the children of alcoholics to realize that they needed help. By 1957, Al‑Anon began registering Alateen groups for teenagers. By 1974, Al‑Anon started registering Al‑Anon adult children groups. As more adult children attended Al‑Anon, they began sharing their stories, which Al‑Anon began to include in program publications.

Alcoholism is a family disease.  Every alcoholic affects at least four – 16 other people, including children, siblings, parents, spouses, partners, friends, and co-workers. Many people who were exposed to alcoholism in childhood find difficulties with relationships in their adult life. There are often problems with handling fear, anger, guilt, shame, and self-esteem issues.

Some   Al-Anon   meetings   are   designated   as “Al-Anon adult children” meetings and focus on the effects of having grown up with alcoholism—however, every Al-Anon group is open to all families and friends of alcoholics, and offers help and support to all people affected by someone else’s drinking, whatever their relationship to the alcoholic.

Our members share their stories:

Alcoholism – I learned I didn’t Cause it, I can’t Control it, and I Can’t cure it

I had my whole life planned – the education, career, marriage, baby and the happily ever after. All was on track, then alcoholism reared its ugly head and ruined my carefully mapped out life… Or did it? When I met my husband, he was a social drinker. Many years into our marriage, his drinking patterns changed, and he began consuming alcohol every other weekend. Although there was no abuse or…

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