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Al-Anon Family Groups has been in existence for over 50 years as a community resource providing support to those affected by someone else's drinking.

Al-Anon Groups DO NOT...

Give advice.

  We are not professionals, merely family members of alcoholics.

Indulge in gossip or criticism.

  We guard with special care the anonymity of our members and members of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Discuss members religious beliefs or lack of them.

  Ours is a spiritual program of recovery embracing all or no belief systems.

Endorse or oppose any cause, therapy or treatment.

  We have no opinion on outside issues other than providing hope by sharing our own personal experiences of recovery.

Al-Anon may be able to provide...

Speakers for conferences, workshops, open days and meetings.

  Hear it first hand.

Meetings at schools, institutions and other facilities.

  Sharing experiences and our program of recovery with others.

  • To contact one of our Area Offices to find more information,
    please click on the "MEETINGS" button for the Area Offices locations.


  Pamphlets, Self-help recovery books and Posters.
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When family and friends of problem drinkers meet, we give hope and comfort to one another, to learn how to live comfortably in spite of the effects of the disease of alcoholism.

Where can I find help?

Contact one of our Area Offices to find more information,please click on the "MEETINGS" button for Area Offices locations.

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